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Recently the Tzu was named best creative workspace from Entreprenuer.com





Using The Tzu for a Unplugged Concert

Our 1,200 sq foot all white studio is perfect for large or intimate unplugged concerts. We offer a variety of sitting room and standing room layouts to create the atmosphere you desire. Over head lights and standing lights allow for multiple lighting set ups. We provide the option of a risen stage as well as natural air flow from our large removable door to create the feeling of being outside without actually being outside. ok your concert today and see for yourself.


Recording Audio

Our studio is not only packed with high quality equipment but it is also conveniently located in the heart of Tempeโ€™s night life. Among many other essential tools, the studio houses Pro Tools 9 HD, an Apple G5 Mac, a Blue Baby Bottle Mic, a Neumann U87 and a professional engineer that is highly qualified in multiple music genres. Book your audio recording session today!


Doing a Photoshoot

Working with us on your next photoshoot is a sure fire way to get the best experience and the best photos. Our photographers shoot on Canon 5D Mk2โ€™s and Canon 7dโ€™s with a wide range of lens and edit on Macโ€™s with the last versions of lightroom and photoshop. The solid white media studio holds a green screen as well as a blue screen and black screen. Set up your appointment today for your in studio or out of studio photoshoot.


Getting a Music Video

Get a 24 hour music video, a high definition infomercial or a promotional video done at The Tzu and see what you have been missing. Our skilled videographers use all of our cameras and editing software in our arsenal and combine them with their years of experience to create your dream video; no matter what the content. Check out some of work then book your video today!


Using our Rehearsal Space

If you are looking for a spacious rehearsal area then you have found it at The Tzu. Our rehearsal space is perfect for solo signers, bands, actors, dancers, dance teams and other creatives. Our rehearsal space is 1,200 sq feet of open and bright work room. Be as loud, and as passionate as you need to be at any hour of the day. And if a stage is something you need for rehearsal then we got you covered, be sure to ask a representative about it when you book your rehearsal time.


Getting a Website Done

Our graphic team and web design team collaborate to give our clients a superior website to make them standout in their field for all of the right reasons. A website is the cornerstone for any professional, yes even musicians and actors. A website is your online calling card, the place where people can learn about you, become your fan, become your investors or maybe even your business partner. Make sure you represent yourself in a credible and positive way, hire our design team to build the cornerstone to your brand!


Getting a song Mastered

Save time and money on your music career when you have our studio engineers master your record the right wayโ€ฆ the first time! Every artist knows the eminence different professional mixing and mastering can do for the clarity of their records, yet so many artists skip this vital step when creating their CDโ€™s because it is difficult to get someone of true quality master their material. Our season engineers will breathe new life into your music every time they master one of your tracks.

All In One

As a musician your brand is just as important as your music, to have strong music without strong branding puts you at a disadvantage. tzu-paragraphs-smallWorking with one company that can handle the majority of your media and/or music needs sets you up for better quality work, more constant results and shaper pricing. Having a single company to manage your needs ensures cohesiveness across your branding allow for people to better understand and identify your brand. If you value your career then you will value your brand, value your time and value your finances. tzu-paragraphsworkwith



  • Pro Tools 9 HD
  • Apple G5 Mac
  • AD2022 โ€“ Avalon Pre Amp
  • Neumann U87
  • Behringer Eurodesk SX4882
  • Open Labs MIKO TIM4 Special Edition
  • Blue Baby Bottle Mic
  • Alesis Qs8.2 Synth
  • The Maschine
  • Akai MPD26 Beat Pad
  • Logic X
  • Yamaha H Series Monitors
  • Mogami Gold Series Cables
  • Digidesign Digi 003 Rack
  • MC-125 Studio Boom Stand
  • Exclusive Plugins, Presets, and VST's


  • Canon 5d Mk2
  • Canon 7d
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero 1
  • 50mm 1:1.2 L Series Lens
  • 24-105mm 1:4 L Series Lens
  • 28mm 1:2.8 Wide Angle Lens
  • 28-135mm 1:3.5 USM Lens
  • 18-135mm 1:3.5 - 5.6 USM Lens
  • 50mm 1:1.4 Lens
  • 50mm 1:1.8 Lens
  • Redrock Micro DSLR Cinema Rig + microFollowFocus
  • PBC Pipe 50LB Body Rig
  • 2 Showtime System 4 LED Softbox's
  • Silver White & Gold Reflectors
  • Cam Caddie Scorpion EX

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  • $250
    / Per Visit
  • engineer
  • a plus one - you can bring one person into the studio with you
  • atmosphere control - set the studio temperature to your preference
  • unlimited access to water beverages
  • lyric and song structure analysis with engineer
  • 24 hour access(record day or tight, no business hours)
  • $450
    / Per Visit
  • engineer
  • a plus two - you can bring one person into the studio with you
  • atmosphere control - set the studio temperature to your preference
  • catered meal - we will cater one meal for you
  • lyric and song structure analysis with engineer
  • songwritting assistance from engineer
  • $350
    / Per Visit
  • in studio photoshoot
  • photos on all white background
  • photos on all black background
  • lightroom photo editing
  • photoshop photo edited
  • 10 edited photos
  • Inquire
  • Access to our media studio
  • we will create your treatment
  • on location filming
  • 24 hour deliver time after filming has concluded
  • filming in unlimited locations
  • add logo reveal in beginning and ending of your video

  • inquire
  • full access to our performance area (all 1,200sq feet of it!)
  • filming of the performance
  • photo session during the performance
  • lighting design consultation with our set designer
  • risen stage
  • flyer creation for promotion of the concert
  • $800+
    / Per Site
  • consultation with web designer
  • 2 website mockups
  • 7 day delivery
  • basic logo creation
  • 3 free edits
  • domain name
  • $200
    / Per Visit
  • in studio photoshoot
  • photos on all white background
  • photos on all black background
  • lightroom photo editing
  • photoshop photo edited
  • 5 edited photos
  • $150 / Per Track
  • consultation with engineer
  • mastered by profession engineer
  • digital form
  • hard copy
  • 48 hour delivery
  • one time review/ edit(review 20 seconds of the song and give engineer review)


Hungry artists are always looking for new ways to sharper their skills and expand on their craft. What better way to grow your career than to join contests to win FREE studio time and services from Arizonaโ€™s premier recording studio and media facility, The Tzu. tzu-paragraphs-freestudioLooking to grow Arizonaโ€™s creative community,The Tzu offers contests for artist to enter for their chance to win studio time, a photo shoot, graphic work, web design and a variety of other vital services. Check out our list of up coming contents and events and join us at The Tzu. tzu-paragraphs-comicc

East Valley

The Tzu Tempe is located right in the heart of Tempeโ€™s action, just off of Mill Ave and University. Our Tempe location has a fully operational recording studio, a media studio featuring a stage for performances, audience seating, a multitude of professional digital cameras, numerous lenses, various lights, sorbs, and rings lights, as well as several computers. If your looking to host a listening party, book a photo or video shoot, need industry quality audio recording, mixing and mastering for your music, graphic work, web design, or marketing, it can all be achieved within our Tempe location. To find out more call us today.

Central Phoenix

The Tzu Phoenix is the perfect place for audio recording, mixing and mastering, and small scale video and photo shoot. The central Phoenix location has a green screen, white screen, black screen, studio lighting and professional camera equipment. Our studio has experienced engineers who know exactly what to do to make your sound resinate more clear and more crisp than you have heard before. Our engineers can provide songwriting assistance and guidance on the best song structure for your genre. Photos, videos, and audio recording, do it all at The Tzu Phoenix.

Check In

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Every artist has different needs and we can accommodate several special requests. Catered food, a car service, service time restrictions or preferences, video recording for concert performances, merchandise creation, security guards, video crew, female dancers and promo girls are just a few requests we can meet. Call or email to discuss more details with a Tzu representative. tzu-paragraphs-items-accom


I like to record late at night, around midnight or 1AM. Is either studio open that late?
Yes, they sure are. Both facilities are open 24/7, you can book any open availability we have.
I already have an engineer, if I want to record at The Tzu do I have to use one go our engineers?
Yes you must use our engineers.
How much notice do I need to give in order to book a photo shoot?
At least 24 hours.
How much notice do I need to give in order to book a video shoot?
At least 72 hours.
How much notice do I need to give in order to book a recording session?
At least 24 hours.
How quick can I get my music mixed and mastered? Can I place a rush order if iโ€™m under a time crunch?
Of course, we ask for at least 24 hours. Give us a call and we can work it out to met your deadline. There will be a $100 rush fee.
I am traveling from out of state to use your services. Is it possible that I rent a room to sleep in at either studio?
Yes, there will be a $49 per night service fee
How long does a typical photo shoot take?
It depends on how many looks and photos you want. Shoots can range from 30 minutes to 5 hours.
If I want to do a photoshoot on location, can you travel to me?
Yes we can. Inquire now
I need merchandise but Iโ€™m struggling to come up with good ideas, can your design team create the designs for me?
Yup, we can handle that for you. please check out www.kijis.com
I want to have an unplugged performance form my album. How many people can your studio hold?
20-80 people.
I want The Tzu to shoot my music video but I donโ€™t know what would will look good on camera, can you help me with writing a treatment?
Yes, we can do that if you commit to shooting a video with us
Can I tour the studios before I book which studio I want to record at?
Yes, we can provide you with a studio tour.
Are you hiring?
That depends on how good you are at what you do. Call us and we can discuss further.
Are you taking on interns?
Yes we are.
I already have a photographer and camera, can I just rent out your media studio to take some photos?
Yes you can rent the studio for $75 per hour
How long will it take to get my edited photos from my photoshoot?
7 days or less.
Would you watermark my photos?
Are you able to shoot full commercials / informercials in your studio?
How fast can you create my website?
It depends on how in depth it is. Standard websites range from 5 days to 14 days.

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